Crafty Social Buttons (for WordPress)

WordPress plugin to add social sharing buttons with a craft focus, including Ravelry, Etsy, Craftsy and Pinterest

Pinterest Etsy Craftsy Ravelry
  • 8 icon sets
  • 18 social networks
  • Supports Pinterest, Ravely, Craftsy and Etsy

Automatically adds buttons


Add Share buttons to your posts or pages (or both - your choice)

8 icon sets

8 Icon Sets

Choose one of 8 icon sets to match your theme (or add your own!)

22 Services plus email and rss

22 Social Services

Choose which social services to include, in any order (plus email and rss!)

Link buttons

Link Buttons

Add links to your profiles in your header, footer or sidebar

Supports Multiple Themes

Use with any theme

Icons are designed to work with a variety of different background colours

Easy Admin

Easy Setup

Simple administration interface with built-in help lets you configure easily


Icon Sets

These eight icon sets are included with the plugin. It is also possible to add more using the instructions below.

Icon Set Arbenting

Crafty Stitchy Round Icons Crafty Stitchy Round

Crafty Stitchy Square Icons Crafty Stitchy Square

Metal Icons Metal

PagePeel icons Page Peel

Ribbon Icons Ribbon

Simple Icons Simple

Somacro Icons Somacro

Admin Interface

The settings are available in your Wordpress Admin under Settings > Crafty Social Buttons

More information about the plugin is available in the Help, which you can view by clicking the Help button in to top right of the admin screen.

Share button options

Admin Interface

Link button options

Admin Interface


What are Share Buttons?

Share buttons allows you to put a set of buttons at the top or bottom of each post. Each button will share that post with that particular service. That is, clicking the facebook icon will open a window for the user to share your post on their Facebook page. (Note that not all services support sharing, for instance, you can't share via Etsy or Craftsy).

What are Link Buttons?

Link buttons let you link the icons directly to your profiles on the social networks. So clicking the facebook icon will take the user to your facebook page, clicking the Etsy icon will take them to your Etsy shop. These are designed to be included in either your header, sidebars or footer, as they are not specific to a post. These can be easily included by adding the Social Link Button widget to the area where you want the buttons to appear.

Which social services are included?

Do the link buttons and share buttons have to use the same services?

No. You can choose exactly which services you want separately for each mode, so you can can have Share buttons for Ravelry, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Email, but have Link buttons for Google+, Pinterest and your Etsy shop.

Do the link buttons and share buttons have to use the same icons?

No. You can also choose different icon sets for each.

Can I add a different set of icons?

Yes! Please see below for instructions.

Can I change the size of the icons?

There isn't currently an option for this, although it should be added in a future version. If you don't mind editing your theme's CSS (or the plugin's CSS), you can see the instructions below.

Can I have more control over where to put the icons?

Yes! See the instructions section below on how to use the widget, shortcodes, or action hooks.

Can I share pages or just posts?

You can share any page. There are automatic options for adding sharing buttons to every page and to a static home page. You can also add share buttons to archive and category pages by adding an action hook to your theme templates.

Can I add a different social/craft network?

I'm happy to take requests for new services to add. I want to keep these buttons lightweight and secure though, so I won't be adding any services that require JavaScript to be added to the page.

Instructions | Install

The easiest way to install is through the WordPress control panel. On the plugins page, search for Crafty Social Buttons and click Install. Once installed, Activate the plugin.

You can also download the plugin and then follow these steps:

Once you have activated, you will see a message bar confirming that it has been installed, with a convenient link to the settings page where you can configure the options for how and where the buttons will appear.

You will also find a new Widget called Crafty Social Link Buttons, which can be added to any widget area in your theme.

Instructions | Widget

The buttons can also be included in any post or page by using the included widget. This is how the widget appears in the widget list:

Widget Screen

Once you add it to one of your widget fields, it will look like this:


Instructions | Shortcodes

The buttons can also be included in any post or page by using one of these shortcodes in your page or post content:

If you want to suppress the share buttons on a page or post where they would otherwise normally appear, you can add this shortcode to the page/post:

Instructions | Action Hooks

If your theme doesn't have a widget area where you want the buttons to be placed, you can include them by editing your theme template. Just include one of these links in your template to generate the buttons:

Since the Link buttons are site/owner specific, the widget or action hook will normally be a better choice.

The crafty-social-share-page-buttons action hook allows you to put share buttons outside the WordPress loop. It will use the URL and title of the current page. This will be most useful if you want to share your category, archive or tag pages, or if you have some special purpose pages in your theme that lack a loop.

Instructions | Styling

You can override the styles used by the plugin to better match your theme.

The entire block is wrapped in a .crafty-social-buttons class, as well as either .crafty-social-share-buttons or .crafty-social-link-buttons, so you can style the share and link buttons separately.

The caption is an inline-block with the class .crafty-social-caption. The images are img tags inside unordered list items.

Instructions | Changing Sizes

You can change the size of the buttons in the options screen. You can choose any size between 24x24px and 64x64px.

Instructions | Adding Icons

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Prepare your icons. They must be png format and square. They should be between 24x24px and 64x64px.
  2. Name your icons the same as the existing icon sets. The names are quite straighforward, e.g. facebook.png and ravelry.png.
  3. Create the following folder structure: /wp-content/uploads/crafty-social-buttons/buttons
  4. Create a new folder inside the buttons folder for your custom icons, e.g. my-custom-icon-set. It is best if your folder name doesn't have spaces or punctuation
  5. Upload your icons into the my-custom-icon-set folder you just created.

As a check, the plugin should be able to find the facebook icon at /wp-content/uploads/crafty-social-buttons/buttons/my-custom-icon-set/facebook.png

You should now be able to choose my-custom-icon-set from the image sets in the options screen.

Note: previously, these instructions said to put your icons inside the plugins subdirectory. That works, but when you update the plugin via WordPress, it deletes everything and the custom icons are lost. Putting them under wp-content/uploads is a little more hassle, but means the icons won't disappear.


This plugin was made with love by me, Sarah Henderson, a freelance web developer from New Zealand.

I recently learned to crochet and thought of starting up a crochet related blog to show off my new creations. I got a bit sidetracked making pretty icons and WordPress plugins and thought that others in the crafty community might want to use them too.

I really hope you find this plugin useful. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any issues you have, or any requests for new features. If you want to contribute towards its further development, (or you just want to say thank you), you can buy me a coffee.


Thanks are due to the lovely people who make beautiful icons and other resources freely available:

This plugin is licenced under GPLv2. It is open source, feel free to contribute by forking it on Github